Week 12, 2011 – A:B Stand

The 1st model of the stand

Last year in New York it was a jaw-dropping experience to see people queueing to enter the Apple Retail Store with glass structure on Madison Avenue. Most of them were obviously there to purchase – or at least to experience – Apple’s then new tablet computing device, iPad.

It was probably in 2008 when laptops outsold desktops worldwide, which means even though desktop will remain for its performance as well as ergonomics – helping you have your back and neck straightened up – people will choose mobility over performance. Working with a laptop for a few hours has become so normal and it will obviously cause a great deal of health problem on user’s neck and backbone because of bad ergonomic from lower screen and fixed keyboard.

About:Blank Stand is the third project of us. Begun with Seungho’s awareness of need, many paper models have been created and demolished since 2010, and after testing and modifying repeatedly we have reached to quite clear idea. About:Blank Stand will be made of plywood and satisfying both laptop and tablet pc users.

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