Week 13, 2010 – A fresh new start

the first model with fault (only yellow part is the stand structure.)

Since Seungho and I are in Helsinki and Seunghoon is in Seoul, Skype has been very useful to hold meetings. While three of us had a Skype meeting today discussing on what we have reached so far for the Stand, we just realized it needs to be designed from the beginning again because we realized one critical problem on its form. Due to no bottom, if in any case the stand carrying a laptop on being pushed backward indeliberately over certain point, it could fall down on the floor and that is evidently damageable for any users. How disappointing!

After a few days we came up with a new shape although we cannot share it before we finish the design patent process. The new shape can hold a wide range of digital devices – from 9.7-inch tablet PCs to 17 inch laptop – with a stronger structure. Not only that, the new shape will let heated air from the bottom of devices out.

From now on, we have to figure out its optimum angle and size going through drawing and foam board modeling, but we all are pretty much satisfied with the new suggestion. It is always scary to bump into any demand to sudden change, but open mind can lead us to better and more routes. Nothing can be absolute.

My busy hands making the prototype

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