Week 33, 2010 – How to use a pallet?

European Pallet, retrieved from Wikipedia

We have ordered a pallet delivery service from a transportation company for the fair. The biggest package I have ever made by myself was a 50x50x90mm big box of 5 folding chaos for ICFF NY 2010. None of About Blank members have handled a pallet before, so there were many interesting new things to learn about it. For instance there are two official size of pallet in Europe, 120×80 and 60×80(mm), and the height limit for both cases is 2.5m which is quite high. Interestingly the weight is not limited. In addition, more importantly transportation company does not provide pallets, so it is customer’s responsibility to find one and pack on it to make all taken away at once. However, since it is not valuable at all unless few hundreds of it collected, generally empty pallet in no use are stacked to be shared on a corner of factories. We were effortlessly able to have one from Punavuoren Puuhevonen.

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