Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website! I managed to build this new, easier for us – and hopefully better for you – platform to openly share our works and thoughts in progress to the public. Before I start mumbling I have to thank Florian and Dawoon for their great help.

Today, the distance between consumers and producers, whether of food or of products, has been ever farther both physically and mentally. We are so accustomed to ‘city life with no production’ that what it takes to make and deliver the products to our hands – and more importantly who actually makes them, and how hard it is – is largely forgotten. Societies around the world collectively supported globalization ever since the Industrial Revolution, which has all but opacified customers’ access to the process, and therefore has left many of us with strong disconnects to the producers and growing unfaithfulness.

As entrepreneurs we try to work with small, skillful, and spirited companies who survived recent harsh years and decades. We together expect to see more chances to come closer to our customers, and shorten the distance between consumers and those who actually make the product by sharing what we do, how we do it, and whom we work with. There are relevant initiatives around the world – such as farmers’ markets when it comes to food. Farmers’ markets are coming back by those who believe in the direct interaction and try to restructure the current super store system adding value to communities for both producer and the consumers.

So, here is our big idea: we will keep you posted about our thoughts and works in progress through journals that consist of short writings, photographs, and films to openly share what’s going on and what it takes to deliver our products. You’re welcome to leave comments on any of our posts. Thanks in advance!

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