Week 33, 2010 – the finishing stroke

Until the fair a little less than a months is left, but the actual deadline is a week earlier than that when shipping considered. Now we can see all the products are gradually reaching completion. The Stand was done in the end of July, the Folding chair is expected to be finished sooner of later, and so do the Notebook.

However, to make an object to a product for the market, barcode, package, name tag must be though through. Moreover, name cards for each members should be prepared, too. Those are what we have been preparing from time to time and begun to work in earnest recently. Countless email has been sent and received, and meeting were held at anytime on the phone and Skype. Thank to Sunghye in Denmark whose education background is Graphic design, text on small paper became more easy and evident to be read and understood.

It was simply so amazing to see that such a small piece of paper must provide all the essential information for a company briefly and comprehensively written, and to convey the information more effectively the font and the size of the text as well as the proportion between one and other text and between parts of a whole need to be counted thoroughly.

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