Week 25, 2011 – boxing the Folding Chair

Heikki helping us understand and choose the right box for Folding Chair.

As we are aiming to launch our new products at Code11, numerous amount of works have been just thrown under our noses such as from barcode to design registration. We realized packaging would be one of them. Rami from Formesa let us know one boxing company in the city of Lahti, which is about 100km away from Helsinki, and we decided to rent a car and visit the factory with one mock-up of the folding chair to figure out the way to plan a right box for it with experts.

Seungho was the only driver since my driver’s license has been no use from the day of issue. To be honest, it was our first time to drive in Helsinki, and this simple fact made us very nervous. After about one hour driving, we arrived at ER-pahvityö. and met Heikki, a CEO of the company. Heikki, with confident and passionate energy, kindly guided us to understand boxing and choose the optimum material and shape for the chair. He and his colleague even made a mock-up immediately and tested it for us.

Heikki mentioned that his company ER-pahvityö is also wide open to small companies like us ordering small quantity. It is certainly a good news for us since we only need 50 pieces of box at this moment, and even if we would be able to order thousands of pieces, there would be no space to keep it for us utilizing our home as a working space.

Driving to Lahti was certainly a tiring job, but it was worth to visit them and talk. We were pleased with their sincerity as well as the box mock-up. We will visit ER with the real folding chair again in the near future.

A prototype Folding Chair in a prototype box

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