Week 29, 2010 – too small to be a customer

We figured out that protecting pad should be attached underneath the stand to prevent it from scratch and enhance the usability. Materials we had considered were cork and felt, and after spending few days of testing both kinds, we decided to go for the felt pad and began to search for producers in Finland. However, we found that here in Finland no producers existing anymore, and even those small packages containing 8 pieces of pads in ordinary hardware stores are already stapled with a paper of printed logo together somewhere and delivered to this country as ready-to-sell products. Thus, there are no other way for us to have a bundle of 400 pieces from a Finnish wholesaler than purchase 50 vinyl-packed products from a retailer. This does not work for such a small company like us because of not only great expenses but also package waste. While searching for other possible providers, we happened to encounter a website of one company clearly describing the condition to become their customers, namely, who should be capable to spend 10,000 euros per year. Hmm, is it our company which is simply too small or is Finnish market?

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