Week 30, 2010 – Keep it steady.

What I have wanted to achieve joining About Blank is to seek a way to show our idea and communicate with people through not only products but also other methods which we keep looking for. As we decided to reveal the details of product making process, Seungho began to search for a steady-cam helping recording video with SLR more properly. After spending few hours, he found a tool called ‘Merlin’ which seemed rather smaller and easier to handle. Eventually he ordered and received it about after a week.

Today, we visited Punavuoren Puuhevonen with this Merlin to shoot the chair making process while Ville worked on it. Ville Teppo is a guy who is in charge of making our chair from cutting raw material to assembling part together. This silent guy was truly supportive while the shooting was in progress.

Apparently, after few hours of shooting, handling Merlin was much trickier than Seungho expected and more practice was needed. Balancing camera, controlling lens focus, holding breath, and enduring the weight simultaneously! This could be called ‘art’.

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