Week 31, 2010 – places to eat in Helsinki

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Recently Hyunsun and I have been eating out ever more often than before since we have been running everywhere like headless chickens. Here we brought a list of restaurants and cafés we would like to recommend in alphabetical order. If you happen to be in Helsinki, pick one and try!

Gran Delicato is probably the best place for ciabatta sandwich in Helsinki, and their cafe latté is among the best. Try the ciabatta No. 10, which is vegetarian with egg plant, tomato, artichoke, and special greek cheese.

Himalaya is our favorite Nepalese restaurant in Helsinki located right in front of the design museum. Hyunsun loves Paneer Koseli which is a curry meal with Finnish cottage cheese while I love their Sabjee Samosa, which is a pastry stuffed with potato and beans.

Hoshito is newly open one-man Japanese restaurant named after its young owner-chéf Toshiyaki Hoshi, who used work for renowned Finnish restaurants in Helsinki. This small restaurant with open-kitchen offer modest Japanese meal made with local Finnish ingredients.

Kakku galleria is THE place for café if you’re tired and have sweet tooth. I love their blueberry pie, and Hyunsun loves the chocolate cake.

Lupolo is a new restaurant in Punavuori, where interesting small shops and restaurants are popping up. What’s great about Lupolo is that it has a good selection of beers from all over the world and various small-tapas-sized snacks, which is not very common in Finland. You may want to make reservation in advance because they have become rather popular these days.

Moko Market Cafe is one of the places you can go if you need to eat and work, and it is near Eira where you can find some of the oldest buildings in Helsinki as well as nice small parks. Take their pick-two-toppings salad, work hard, and take a walk when your neck begins to soar.

Primula is one of the better family restaurant chain in Finland run by an-originally-bakery. Their pizza in general is quite good and you can order salmon soup in either clear and cream broth. Ask for garlic and honey on top if you’re having Hinaja pizza – our favorite.

Sis. Deli is a small, and one of the better chains for coffee in Finland, and you must try their cafe latté with Finnish organic milk if you’re into cafe latté. We were told from our friends visiting Helsinki that one on Kalevankatu across from Stockmann department store offers quite a good, affordable breakfast.

Restaurant Lupolo in Helsinki

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