Week 32, 2010 – Self adhesive felt pad

Seungho asked me to find a vendor in Korea for self-adhesive, felt sticker pads for our new product cause he couldn’t get a suitable one in Finland. He found packages in Finland in small quantity like four, but it is far from what we need for our products – too expensive for production and besides, too wasteful for the small packaging.

Luckily, I could find one from Auction, the Korean equivalent Ebay, seemingly greeting everyone regardless of order quantity. I made an order for a sample yesterday and got it delivered today – well, speed is important in Korea. After some examination, we decided to go with this one.

Interestingly enough, Seungho and Hyunsun in Finland said the pad looked exactly the same as what they found in Finland. I have one suspicion that probably there would be only one giant felt pad company existing somewhere on this planet where it can be made the cheapest and  those might be delivered to every corner of this world with all different seller name tags on it. There might be a monopolizing company! It can be true, or not.

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