Week 17, 2012 – 요즘 우리는

2012년의 네번째 달도 벌써 끝을 향해 달리고 있다. 아마도 요즘 … more

Week 49, 2011 – Insuring a small business

Hyunsun shares how entrepreneurship is being aided and encouraged in Helsinki, and what it meant to us, About:Blank. … more

2 weeks exhibition at Common in Helsinki

A midnight footage on About:Blank’s 2 weeks exhibition at Commom from 28 Oc t to 10 Nov 2011. … more

Week 34, 2010 – registration of A:B in Finland

Besides the fair, there has been one thing to be … more

Week 33, 2010 – How to use a pallet?

We have ordered a pallet delivery service from a transportation … more

Week 33, 2010 – the finishing stroke

Until the fair a little less than a months is … more

Week 30, 2010 – Keep it steady.

What I have wanted to achieve joining About Blank is … more

Week 29, 2010 – too small to be a customer

We figured out that protecting pad should be attached underneath … more

Week 25, 2011 – boxing the Folding Chair

As we are aiming to launch our new products at … more

Week 16, 2010 – the 1st meeting with the Aaltonens

Since Seungho came up with new idea for our stand, … more

Week 12, 2011 – A:B Stand

Last year in New York it was a jaw-dropping experience … more

Week 13, 2010 – A fresh new start

Since Seungho and I are in Helsinki and Seunghoon is … more

Week 11, 2011 – making Folding Chair in Helsinki

Lately, I have been in touch with Sakari Paananen, a … more